I'm having problems with basic USB debugging functionality with RobotC and a known-good NXT brick.I successfully used the same NXT earlier this year with an earlier version of RobotC on Windows XP sp2. Since then I've moved to XP sp3 and saw the RobotC 1.40 and 1.44BETA1 releases. The newer versions have improved bluetooth capability so I want to get those going. After removing the 1.10 and 1.14 installations I installed the updated NXT driver (updated for sp3) and then RobotC 1.40.detected by XPsp3 and I can dowload the new firmware to the device. I can even compile and download a program. But when the debugger comes up, I consistently get this error dialogue box:USB link to NXT brick has failed. Brick may have automaticallypowered off.Close this window. Simply powering brick back on should recover.Re-open the windowThe NXT batteries are good and does not power off or give any power warnings. The NXT is still responsive to button presses for a while after that error, but minutes later is unresponsive. I know the firmware and my user program got downloaded because the firmware version is shown and my program can be run via the NXT's buttons.Something is happening when attempting to bring up the debugger.What's going on here? Any ideas? I've unsuccessfully tried reverting to old software versions (incl. driver) but no combination works anymore. The new software has reduced my NXT debugging capability to zero.

Please help.

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