В этой версии исправлены ошибки, найденные после выпуска финальной версии Total Commander 7.50, в основном, касающиеся печати во внутреннем просмотрщике (для файлов в кодировке Unicode), распаковки определённым образом зашифрованных ZIP-архивов и медленного перемещения каталогов в пределах одного диска.

24.09.09 Release Total Commander 7.50a Final
24.09.09 Fixed: Show version 7.50a / in version information of EXE file
23.09.09 Release Total Commander 7.50a (pre3)
23.09.09 Added: Included new unrar.dll from the RAR author
23.09.09 Fixed: Button icons in Configuration of X64 menu were just squares when the buttons were disabled
23.09.09 Fixed: If tcmdx64 fails to load the X64 submenu, the program may hang forever -> wait for a maximum time of 15 seconds (default), set via X64WaitTime=15 in wincmd.ini
22.09.09 Fixed: Windows 7 taskbar progress bar (green) remained at 100% after unpacking multiple selected RAR files via Alt+F9
22.09.09 Fixed: Alt+Shift+Enter on file system plugins couldn't be aborted with ESC
22.09.09 Fixed: Status bar not updated when right clicking on file in brief view (only when using left mouse button selection mode)
20.09.09 Fixed: File system plugins: Changing properties via FsContentSetValue didn't work for ft_stringw type
20.09.09 Fixed: Wrong file time displayed in some RAR archives
20.09.09 Fixed: Ctrl+U swap panels no longer worked when left side was an archive
20.09.09 Fixed: Crash caused by plugin AceHelper (refresh of plugin list called while refresh was still busy)
20.09.09 Fixed: Crash when closing search dialog box (when refresh occurs while search box is closed)
18.09.09 Fixed: Compare directories was much slower with option 1hourdif=1 (Reason: NTFS time format much longer)
18.09.09 Fixed: Compare by content: Tabstops were not counted in Unicode view
17.09.09 Release Total Commander 7.50a (pre2)
17.09.09 Fixed: Auto-complete: Handle special case
17.09.09 Fixed: Button bar tip windows not shown correctly for language with different code page when there is no .inc file
17.09.09 Added: When using XPMoveMethod=2 to set permissions, do not copy the permissions if they are already identical (saves a lot of time)
17.09.09 Fixed: Reverted to TC 7.0x method to copy permissions when moving directories (not via inheritance) -> use XPMoveMethod=2 for new method
16.09.09 Fixed: Tip windows for history and hotlist couldn't show translated text in Russian on English windows without supplemental language support installed
16.09.09 Fixed: "Fatal error in copy thread" -> protect test whether ini file is Unicode via critical section
16.09.09 Fixed: wincmd.ini [Configuration] ESCcheck=0 allows to turn off check whether ESC key is stuck when starting copy operation
16.09.09 Fixed: Ctrl+R (reread) in c:\windows\sysnative\spool\Printers\ failed on Windows 7 when starting program with full admin rights (because SetCurrentDirectory fails with this dir)
16.09.09 Fixed: No refresh in panel under Ctrl+Q quick view panel when copying to it -> refresh when quick view panel is closed
16.09.09 Fixed: Custom verbs to open file with packer plugin (**pluginextension) were not shown in right click context menu
16.09.09 Fixed: Drag&Drop file to breadcrumb bar, press Shift only above bar and release mouse -> file was copied instead of moved
15.09.09 Fixed: Lister: Print also right-aligned text, starting from (user-defined) right margin
15.09.09 Fixed: Sort by extension: Ignore initial dot, e.g. a file named ".htaccess" has no extension
15.09.09 Fixed: "Copy NTFS permissions" had no effect when moving files within same volume. Now it lets the file keep their permissions even when XPMoveMethod=1
15.09.09 Fixed: Access violation when user changes directory while deleting many files via Explorer delete method
15.09.09 Fixed: Access violation trying to access certain dirs containing hidden or system files with option "As administrator" when hidden/system file display is disabled
14.09.09 Release Total Commander 7.50a (pre1)
14.09.09 Fixed: Do not get the info whether a directory is shared or not when icons are turned off
14.09.09 Fixed: Prevent access violation in FTP when connection was lost
14.09.09 Fixed: Prevent user from closing Alt+F10 tree while it is still scanned in
13.09.09 Fixed: Lister: Unicode (UTF-8 and UTF-16) files were printed with the text upside down (problem with Uniscribe)
13.09.09 Fixed: Could no longer unpack zip files with the following characteristics: ZIP20-encrypted, stored (no compression), CRC after file
13.09.09 Fixed: X64 submenu option "Configure" not working when menu opened while shift was pressed
13.09.09 Fixed: IviewAdditionalTypes option in wincmd.ini had stopped working

Доп. информация:
Сборка расчитана и проверена на Windows XР, но также может использоваться на более ранних версиях системы (не будут работать только плагины к стандартным программам WinXP), на Windows Vista нестабильно работают твикеры и прочие настройщики, а также утилиты, расчитанные на WinXP.Некоторые программы воспринимаются антивирами, как трояны или вирусы - и это не мудрено, потому что взломщики или программы удаленного управления всегда были и остаются подозрительными, но беспокоиться не о чем, потому что систему они не повредят. Если не согланы, то просто можете удалить их по команде антивируса.Шесть иконок в верхнем левом углу отвечают за переключение панелей с программами и утилитами.PS: Настраиваем под себя удаляя ненужные программы в папке Programm и не забываем удалять иконки в панели тотала.Исправлены ошибки и учтены многие пожелания.

Список плагинов:
7zip, CatalogMaker, chm, CHMDir, DebLinux, DiskDirExtended, far2wc_13, Fax files sff, Fobia, Gaup, iclread, img, InstallExplorer, iso, LinuxSetupFiles,
MhtUnPack, MultiArc, OutlookBase, ICDocProp, IDirSizeCalc, IFileDesc, IMedia, INL_Info, IShellDetails, IswfContent, Iwdx_anytag, Iwdx_exif,
Iwdx_Image_Info_1.4, IAceHelper, IBack2Life, IBadCopy, Icdrip, IDevMan, IEnvironment Variables, IEventNT, Iex2fs, IFSNetShare, Ihttpbrowser, IIECache,
IMail, IMotoP2K, Inetmon, Inetworkalt, INokia, Iregistry, ISamsung, ISEPhoneTC, Iservices, IStartupGuard, ITCBurner, Itempdrive, Iuninstall, IVirtualDisk,
IVsofs, Iwincefs, Iwipe, 3dsMax, ActivePDFView, AmpView, ArchView, BaseView, CDRthumb, eml, excellence, FileInfo, Font, ICLView, IEView, Imagine, IniEdit,
ListDoc, Media Show, Mmedia, msg, office, OOoViewer, OOView, pdbView, SCRList, SGViewer, SWFView, Syn, tcCalendar, Thumbs, TTFviewer, VisualDirSize,

Md5: ed5636d08954d45579f75359ad4d2b39

Информация о программе
Название: Total Commander Podarok Edition Extreme Pack
Версия: Portable v 25.2
Обновлено: 2010
Интерфейс: Русский
OC: Windows® XP /Vista / 7
Лекарство: Не требуется
Размер: 2 Gb
Формат: .rar
Пароль: нет пароля